Welcome to the Gothic Windows Beta Test and thanks for testing!
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othic indows

created by LogicalGameStudio

Hello testers!

Thanks in advance for taking a look at Gothic Windows Beta Test.
And also, thanks to my Alpha testers. You know who you are. Welcome back.

Any comments will be appreciated and I'll consider your observations seriously. 
Please email me at marcia@gothicwindows.net.

I coded this in HTML5 and I use php on the server side.
GW works with mouse as well as touch.
GW runs on iPad (my favorite way to play).
GW runs on modern Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers on PC and Mac.
I have busily been applying ideas I've picked up in the edX course "Introduction to Game Design"

Here's a list of some of the things I'd like to know: (please answer any you have time for)

A) What browser(s) and platform(s) you used. (Chrome on laptop PC or Safari on iPad for example) 
 Mouse or touch screen?
B) Does anything on the page layout look wrong? Do you like the appearance of the page?
C) Was it hard to learn how to play?
D) Did you try more than one Window? About how many?
E) Which Modes did you try? Favorite Mode?
F) Did you watch a Solution?
G) Was anything confusing? If so what?
H) What didn't work? (please note list of unfinished functions "Coming Soon", below)
I) Was it any fun?
J) What did you like?
K) What didn't you like?
L) Any suggestions?
M) Are you willing to test again when I've added more features?

Also, so I can find my audience:
a) How old are you? male or female?
b) Are you a fan of puzzles?
c) Have you ever played Tetris or solved a Sudoku? (And, did you enjoy that?)
d) Do you like geometry?
e) What's your favorite game?
f) Are you on Facebook?
g) Are you a programmer or game designer?

My to-do list to prepare for the actual release of Gothic Windows is quite long .
Coming soon:
a faster server
optimize all images
polished up sound effects
share on Facebook functionality
vote on difficulty level
saved Windows for return play
fix layout and graphics acceleration issues on Chrome on Android
achievements and leaderboard
Gothic Windows Designer App for creating new Windows

If you read all this, I'm very grateful. 
Please click "Page of Sample Windows" above and try some out.

The Logical Woman